• ACM ASSETS 2021 publication
    We’ve been accepted to present our paper on “Disability-first Dataset Creation: Lessons from Constructing a Dataset for Teachable Object Recognition with Blind and Low Vision Data Collectors” at ACM ASSETS 2021, held virtually 18-22 October. Read a pre-print at
  • ORBIT on BBC Click
    ORBIT was featured on BBC Click on the International Day of persons with Disability: This episode explores the latest developments around accessibility and inclusion in tech. Blind reporter Lucy Edwards investigates how AI helps visually-impaired people identify people and objects with their phones, while Niamh Hughes looks at the strides made in gaming accessibility, through the prism […]
  • Talk at Galloways Tech Talk
    Simone Stumpf recently spoke at Galloways Tech Talk @ 3. Listen to her describing the work on the ORBIT project so far.
  • Shrinking the ‘data desert’
    The ORBIT project was featured in a blog post by Microsoft. This article discusses what we are doing to collect relevant data to train machine learning algorithms to tackle personalised object recognition for people with vision disabilities.
  • RNIB Tech Talk Podcast about Phase I data collection
    Dr Simone Stumpf gave an interview at the RNIB Tech talk Podcast about Phase I data collection.