Frequently Asked Questions

How many things should I film? 

You must film at least 5 different things 

How many ‘testing’ and how many ‘training’ videos I should take? 

For each of your selected things, you must take at least 2 testing videos and 5 training videosWithout the testing videos, we won’t be able to evaluate how good our AI is, so please make sure you include them. 

Is it okay to reuse locations for recording videos? 

It is okay if you reuse locations and record a training video of one thing on the same surface as the training video of another thing. Please do not record two training videos for the same thing in the same location. 

I’m stuck thinking of a thing to record. Any suggestions? 

In previous a previous data collection, many people chose their keys, cane, wallet, headphones, mugs and sunglasses. You can also think of think that might be similar but difficult to distinguish by touch, like socks, backpacks, dog leads, earphones or face masks.  

Are there any ways to speed up recording the videos? 

Currently, the app takes you through recording the different kinds of videos for each thing in different locations. However, you might be quicker by going around 5 different locations and then recording training videos for each of your 5 things. Just remember to make sure to have the right thing selected! 

Do I need to have minimum iOS version to download the app? 

Yes, you need to have an iPhone with iOS 13.2 or higher in order to download the ORBIT Camera app. 

How much space do I need on my iPhone to record all the videos? 

You will need around 1.5GB of free storage space on your phone to record all videos. You can check how much space you have on your phone at Settings – General  – iPhone Storage. After the study has finished, you can delete the app and reclaim this space. We will also to free up space on your phone if you run low by uploading the video, and then deleting it from your phone. 

Some of my videos have not been uploaded yet. What should I do? 

We upload the videos on the background when you are on WiFi and plugged in to charge the phone. Make sure you leave your phone charging and on Wifi overnight while you are sleeping and the videos should upload. 

What is going to happen if I stop using the ORBIT Camera app before recording all videos per object? 

You are free to stop using the app at any time during the study and without any reason. However, in order to contribute to the project and for us to make a donation to a charity on your behalf, you will need to take all 35 videos of at least 5 things. 

How can I take good videos without knowing if my object is in frame? 

We understand that in some cases you won’t get the object framed exactly in the middle of the camera’s view. Your videos do not need to be perfect. We have tried to make the user instructions detailed enough so you can take the videos by yourself. You might have to read the instructions a few times to get the hang of it. 

How do I make sure that my hand does not obscure the object? 

Try to use your hand as an anchor point, to help you point the camera towards the object. Depending on the size of the object and the filming technique you follow, we recommend placing you hand next and close to your thing. 

Should I get help from a sighted person to help me film the videos? 

Help from a sighed person is not required. We are building technologies for blind users, sthe ORBIT dataset should include videos of things collected by you 

Can I delete the videos from my phone at the end of the study? 

Yes, the videos can be deleted from your phone when the study is over. However, if you want to delete a video when the study is still running, this video will also be deleted from our online repository. 

Can I delete the app from my phone at the end of the study? 

Yes, the app can be deleted from your phone when the study is over. 

I have a problem installing or using the app. Where can I get help? 

For any problems installing or using the app please email us at 

There’s a technical problem with the app. Where can I get help? 

For any technical problems with the app please email us at